laser dissolve
laser dissolve

laser dissolve

laser dissolve

The Laser Dissolve System
The Fat-Burning Laser™ works by focussing our low light laser into the fat cells where the fat is released through the cellular wall and is then liquefied into intercellular area. The liquefied fat is then drained out through natural Lymph drainage.
The treatment is totally pain free and requires no shots or surgery.

A typical session is performed in the following steps:

  1. Patient lies down on the table.
  2. The laser paddles are placed directly against the skin on the target area.
  3. Each area is treated for 10 minutes and then the paddles are moved to the next area. This is repeated three times for a total of 30 minutes.

The patient can now get up and go back to work and get on with their day. No pain, no recovery and no surgery.

It is that simple, and that affordable.

We do recommend that after treatments patients drink lots of water to rehydrate their body and to help the process work.

Laser Dissolve
Scientific Research

laser dissolve
Figure 1 -- Before application. The fat cells (adipocytes) have round shape; contours are regular having a grape-cluster shape. Picture magnification of 190X.

laser dissolve
Figure 2 -- After application of the laser for only 4 minutes, many fat cells (adipocytes) are already liquefied. There is preservation of some cell membrane, but many have lost their original shape as liquefied fat exits. Arrows point out fat particles coming from inside to outside of the fat cells. Picture magnification of 190X.

laser dissolve
Figure 3 -- Application of the laser beam for 6 minutes shows that there are almost no round fat cells. There has been almost total disruption of the fat cell membrane and the fat cells have lost most of their fat content.

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Why do adults gain excess fat and develop cellulite?

The majority of our adult population suffers from the appearance of excess fat and/or cellulite. The aging process affects the metabolic, endocrine and vascular systems, which may result in an inability to efficiently discharge waste products. Lymph drainage and microcirculation are particularly affected. The resulting accumulation of waste products causes alterations in connecting tissue and the fat cells which are held in a framework of collagen. Fat cells enlarge, impact blood vessels and cause edema or swelling.

The fat cells are displaced upwards into the lower dermis and the fibrous bands that normally maintain skin tension become less elastic and trap the displaced cells. The cottage cheese appearance is caused by the restriction of fibrous strands as they pull down the skin at their attachment points.

Diet, exercise and even liposuction are rarely effective on cellulite. Numerous thigh creams, massages, vibrators, botanical wraps have been tried in North America, all with virtually no long term results.

Our Laser Fat-Burning™ system will assist in decreasing the appearance of cellulite painlessly and safely.


laser dissolve
Laser Lipo Fat Burning
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