Lipo Laser Fat Burning
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Lipo Laser Fat Burning

Lipo Laser Fat Burning

Does it cost anything to come in for a consultation?
All consultations are free and private.

How long has Laser therapy been in practice?
Laser therapy has been used to liquify fat by doctors for many years and has become commonplace in cosmetic surgery around the world.

Who will perform the treatments?
Treatments are always administered by our trained and certified medical staff.

Can I work after the treatments?
Yes. After your treatment, there is no requirement for bed rest or reduced activity and you can resume your normal schedule immediately. The minimal disruption in their daily agenda is the reason most patients find the Simray treatment so attractive.

Can Laser Dissolve® get rid of the belly I gained from having babies?
Yes! Laser Dissolve is perfect for targeting the areas with stubborn fat, like your lower abs after having a baby.

Does Laser Dissolve® work on men?
Laser Dissolve works just as well on men as it does on women. Men generally have the greatest success in the chin, chest, upper and lower abs, and the love handles.

How can Laser Dissolve® improve my abs?
It's not so much weight loss, but inches lost. While the waist and hip size goes down, so does their pant size.

How long does each treatment take?
Treatments take only 30 minutes, that's why we call it "the lunchtime fix."

Is it painful? Does it hurt?
There is no pain or discomfort during or after the Laser Dissolve® treatment.

Is Laser Dissolve® safe?
Treatments are only administered by trained and certified medical staff. Laser therapy has been used safely in various medical applications since the 1980s. No significant adverse affects attributable to the treatments have been identified.

What areas of the body can be treated?
Treatments are effective for use on the back of the arms, the upper and lower abdomen, chin/neck and jowls, knees, upper and lower back, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, love handles, and the male chest. We will not treat the breast area on women.

How much do you charge?
Individual treatment programs vary depending on your body style and your particular goals. Single treatments are $150 each. Best results are achieved with multiple treatments. Treatments wil be as low as $44 per session, depending on which package you buy. We also will offer package financing, with payments for as low as $49 a month. Packages will range from 12 sessions, 24 sessions and the one year pass.

Can I make payments? Is financing available?
Several different types of financing and payment plans will be offered for your convenience. To make it easy to offer Laser Dissolve treatment to everyone, regardless of financial ability or credit rating, we will offer financing for as low as $49 a month with same day approvals.

Is there a gift certificate program?
Yes, we can design a customized gift certificate.

Can you come to my home or office and give me treatments?
No. Due to our medical standards and protocols that we strictly adhere to, treatments must be given in our clinic under the supervision of trained medical staff.



Lipo Laser Fat Burning
Lipo Laser Fat Burning
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